Microwave Engineering-1

Microwave Engineering-1 1.2

This unique free application is for all students across the world.

This unique free application is for all students across the world.

This unique free application is for all students across the world. It covers 75 topics of Microwave Engineering in detail. These 75 topics are divided in 5 units.

Each topic is around 600 words and is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations along with simple text explaining the concept in detail.

This USP of this application is "ultra-portability". Students can access the content on-the-go from anywhere they like.

Basically, each topic is like a detailed flash card and will make the lives of students simpler and easier.

Some of topics Covered in this application are:

1. Introduction to microwaves

2. Rectangular waveguide

3. Solutions of Wave equations in Rectangular Waveguide

4. TE modes in Rectangular Waveguides

5. Dominat and degenerate modes in a waveguide

6. TM modes in Rectangular Waveguides

7. Power transmission in rectangular waveguides

8. Power losses in Rectangular Waveguide

9. Excitation of modes in rectangular waveguides

10. Circular waveguide and solutions of wave equations for circular waveguides

11. TE Modes in Circular Waveguides

12. TM modes in Circular Waveguides

13. TEM modes in Circular Waveguide

14. Power transmission in Circular waveguides

15. Power losses in circular Waveguide

16. Excitation of modes in Circular waveguides

17. Microwave cavities

18. Rectangular Cavity Resonator

19. Circular Cavity Resonator

20. Semicircular cavity resonator

21. Q Factor of a Cavity Resonator

22. Strip lines

23. Microstrip Lines

24. Losses in microstrip lines

25. Q Factor of a microstrip line

26. Parallel Strip Lines

27. Coplanar Strip Lines

28. Shielded strip lines

29. Scattering matrix and Hybrid microwave circuits

30. E-plane tee (series tee)

31. H-plane tee (shunt tee)

32. Magic Tee

33. Hybrid Rings (Rat-Race Circuits)

34. Waveguide corners, bends and twists

35. Directional coupler

36. Two hole directional coupler

37. S-Matrix of a Directional Coupler

38. Hybrid couplers

39. Phase shifter

40. Microwave Circulators

41. Microwave Isolators

42. Microwave terminations

43. Microwave attenuators

44. Faraday Rotation in Ferrites

45. Limitations of conventional vacuum devices at microwave frequency

46. Klystrons : introduction, two cavity klystron, velocity modulation, bunching process, output power and beam loading

47. Reflex klystron

48. Magnetron oscillators

49. Linear magnetron

50. Coaxial magnetron

51. Voltage tunable magnetron

52. Inverted Coaxial Magnetron

53. Frequency-Agile Coaxial Magnetron

54. Traveling wave tube

55. Backward wave oscillator

56. Microwave bipolar transistors

57. Microwave tunnel diode

58. Junction Field Effect Transistors (JFETs)

59. Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MESFETs)

60. Gunn Effect and Gunn Diode ( transferred electron effect )

61. IMPATT Diodes

62. TRAPATT Diodes

63. Microwave test bench

64. Slotted Line Carriage

65. VSWR Meter

66. Microwave power measurements

67. Insertion and attenuation loss measurements

68. VSWR measurement

69. Crystal detectors

70. Frequency and wavelength Measurement

71. Impedance and reflection coefficient measurement

72. Microwave Link Design

73. Antenna pattern measurement

74. Antenna directivity measurement

75. Antenna far-field measurement

All topics are not listed because of character limitations set by the Play Store.

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